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New World Requires New Strategies

I had heard a rumor that it was a fire-able offense for anyone in Ira Kurzban’s firm to concede a conviction in immigration court. So while talking to Ira at a conference once, I asked him if it was true. He informed me I had heard wrong. He explained that it is a...

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Guardians of our Constitution

Adapted from the installation speech of Annaluisa Padilla, 2017-18 President of AILA I am humbled and honored to accept the challenge to lead this organization in these unprecedented times. These are times when immigrants are vilified and despised, when immigrants are...

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Take Action

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Immigration 2017 – A New President and Congress

Immigration 2017

Visit this resource page to stay on top of the changing immigration environment under the Trump administration.

Immigration Quicktakes

AILA Quicktake #210: Dream Act of 2017 Introduced

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